Muchas gracias to the following stations for adding Texana to their playlists! KAOS-Olympia, KDHX-St. Louis, KHSU-Arcata, KMUD-Redway, KOTO-Telluride, KUNI-Cedar Falls, WAER-Syracuse, WDVR-Sargentsville, WEFT-Champaign, WHFR-Dearborn, WHRW-Binghamton, WRPI-Troy 

A French DJ kindly wrote that Texana ”…is the perfect music for summertime and auto radios…”  Well, summer is waning, but rest assured that Texana will sound good in your auto during any season.  Click here to download a copy.

Shout-out to the following radio stations for adding Texana to their playlists!  KKFI-Kansas City, KOPN-Columbia, KRVS-Lafayette, Omroep Venray-Netherlands, MeerRadio-Netherlands,, WAER-Syracuse, WERS-Boston, WESU-Middletown, WHAY-Whitley City, WHFC-Bel Air, WMNF-Tampa, WRUW-Cleveland, WTCC-Springfield 

The view from upriver in Strawberry, CA.  I’ve got an ambitious list of songs to finish before heading home…however, we passed Neil Young driving LincVolt on the way up here, so that feels like an auspicious start!

A little Belgian ink for Texana, courtesy of Rootstime.  The roadtrip association gloriously persists, as they write that the album is “…ideally suited to be used in a convertible Cadillac during a long car ride along the endless deserted highways in Texas. Played loud.”  Enjoy a comically tenuous google translation here.


TBT to this past May in Nashville, and the wedding of my friends Dan Knobler and Carrie Crowell.  Andrew Ellis took this photo of myself and Sean O’Brien at the wedding.  Together, Dan, Sean and I have played a lot of gigs and have recorded a few batches of country-rock songs.  Great memories of May, where we celebrated Dan and Carrie’s marriage with lots of music and friends.

Thanks to the following stations for adding Texana to their playlists!  CIUT-Toronto, CKUA-Edmonton, KFAI-Minneapolis, KPFT-Houston, KRVM-Eugene, KVNF-Paonia, KZMU-Moab, Radio Unerhort-Germany, ISA-France, WERU-E. Orland, WETS-Johnson City, WFDU-Teaneck, WLFR-Galloway, WMBR-Cambridge, WMKY-Morehead, WMSR-Auburn, WOJB-Hayward, WOUB-Athens, WPKN-Bridgeport, WRUW-Cleveland, WWUH-West Hartford. Tune in and turn up the country rock!


The reviews are in!  The Ranch Hands and I played a Yelp event at Hill Country Barbecue-Brooklyn on Tuesday, having a fine, rocking time and serving up “kick ass Texas tunes.”  I also enjoy another sage reviewer’s words: “The highlight of the event for me was probably the vodka and the band.”

Up in The Ocean State, about to disappear into the Newport Folk Festival & Newport Jazz Festival for the next two weeks.